Von Lit


Von Lit

This NZ borned Australia Rocking Dj is on Fire. This gal means business. Combine the sassiness of a bubblegum-coloured unicorn. VonLit style combines bossy bass, girl trap, gangster rap, G-House, future EDM & booty beats with an Music attitude to kill making sure every inch of the dancefloor is filled.

Conventional wisdom dictates that when things go “bump” in the night, that it’s a ghost, an intruder, or your cat. In Faith’s case, it can be attributed to those Bossy Basslines that she drops with complete disregard to you & your feelings.

But this is no time to be offended. This gyal means business. Combine the sassiness of a bubblegum-coloured unicorn with the attitude of a heavily armed Mermaid + a sprinkling of a Ronda Rousey armbar for good measure, you have a recipe for mayhem that in itself, is hard to match.

Relying on her natural ability and style to peddle her wares rather than the well-trodden path of “just throw on a bikini and pucker ya lips love”, Faith’s arsenal of beats are so fire you could save money on heating. And considering the cost of power these days, that extra money you save could go towards those interpretive dance classes you’ve been dreaming about, or, you could just spend it on drinking yourself into absolute oblivion whilst cutting shapes like a demon possessed on the d-floor.


is yours. Either way, Faith’s your girl to get any party so turnt up even Nana will be teaching you how to dougie, so you better get your shit together pronto.Faith’s style combines bossy bass, girl trap, gangster rap, future EDM & booty beats with the anthems & classics masterfully woven together to guarantee even the most introverted wallflower to lower their guard and let their inner hoe free.Because nobody really cares that she played the piano since she was 5 years old, let’s skip straight to the part where she dropped bangers for Bone Thugs n Harmony, wrecked the d-floor supportingExcision during a Blade-esque bloodbath paint party, smashed world-record breaking stadium gigs, toured internationally and numerous other dope performances under her belt.

Von Lit also has her hand in the fashion arena with her own designer brand along with many sponsorships and collabs from other well-known labels in the mix. Bragging rights aside, 2017 is shaping up to be a huge year for Von Lit with multiple interstate & international tours lined and a fresh arsenal of new music, mixes, merch and on-stage antics to ensure her shows are bad-ass fresh!