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W-Pagemanz Artists

We Are Loud

We Are Loud is a fresh and energetic DJ collaboration between the two passionate Dutch DJ’s and producers Björn van den Biggelaar and Daniel Ortgiess.

Rocky Rock

Rocky is known as one the best all-around Djs in the World. He has torn up the 1’s and 2’s in countless clubs across
the entire West Coast and continues to be recognized on the Wolrd Circuit for his never-ending accomplshments as a Turntablist.

Ortal Israel

Ortal Israel is already leaving his mark in the world of electronic dance music. This Melbourne prodigy has recently been recognized as Australia’s No.6 DJ by In the Mix (Australia’s largest DJ Poll).

Ale Mora

Ale Mora has seadily carved his way into EDM’s being signed to smash the house, label of the number 1 Djs in the world, Dimitri vegas & Like Mike.

Manuel De Le Mare

Tuscan born producer/dj, Manuel De Le Mare has spent the past 24 months delivering money-shot releases and remixes, whilst marrying a lifetime of passion and dedication to his love of DJing.

Alex Kenji

Alex Kenji’s signature house style has been continuously growing in stature and over the last half a decade his releases have gone on to storm dance charts all over the world. Having shot to fame with some of the biggest selling dance releases of the last few years in “UP”, “A Lot Of”, “Adelante”, “Gimme Five” and of “Pressure” (all reaching #1 in the Beatport Top 100)



DJ Vekked is an internationally acclaimed 5-time World Champion DJ and producer. His style fuses new school technology with true school DJ skills. He consistently adds to his creative repertoire and pushes the boundaries of technicality and musicality with his sets and productions.

Black Legend

Ciro, this is his real name, using the Black Legend pseudonym, conceived, produced and released in 1999 on Time/Rise Records, the single “You See The Trouble With Me”, that in no time turned into a self growing success. In June 2000, after getting licensed almost in every country of the world, Black Legend reaches the n°1 spot of the UK’s official singles sales chart

Pink Panda

After forming in 2012, Ardell Mafi, Rob Porter & Michael Cassiano, AKA, Pink Panda, quickly established themselves in the scene with their high energy live shows and quality remixes and original productions.


Claudia Jaramillo

This is a tried & tested up and coming Female DJ better that the whole generation of clubbers will go ‘loco’ for… Be READY and PREPARED cause she will mesmerize and hypnotize you with the beauty of Claudia Jaramillo. And expect more element of surprises from her set


DJ SEHEREZADE is an international celebrity DJ from Budapest, Hungary. Very successful and extremely a popular female DJ in the music industry. As a true embodiment of energy on the dance floor with her incredibly unique mix of music, skills and beauty.


Lady Style also called « The Parisian Girl » of her true first name Lydia born on October 2nd,1989 in Paris impassioned by the music since very small she swears only by one discipline: DJing.


Her DJ career is in success internationally, such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, Vietnam and Guam. She was judged Hottest Asian Girl DJs & nominated Top 10 of asian best female DJ.


Conventional wisdom dictates that when things go “bump” in the night, that it’s a ghost, an intruder, or your cat. In Faith’s case, it can be attributed to those Bossy Basslines that she drops with complete disregard to you & your feelings.



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